YubiKey two-factor authentication (2FA) integration

A two-factor authentication system authenticates the user based on two factors, something the user knows which normally is a combination of their user name and/or password and something the user has in their physical possession which in our case is the YubiKey. Two-factor authentication provides high security and is many times required for compliance with regulations. Two-factor authentication can also be called two step verification or multi-factor authentication.


The YubiCloud is a free cloud based YubiKey One-Time Password (OTP) validation service, for easy integration of strong two-factor authentication with your web site or online service. It offers users the strength of the YubiKey OTP validation, coupled with tools to allow users to control access to their YubiKeys or automatically load new YubiKeys to the YubiCloud. All of these services are free to anyone who wants to protect their web site or service with the YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication.


Yubico provides all of the code for the YubiKey programming, One-Time Password encryption/decryption and our validation server, in order to allow users to create software utilizing the YubiKey, or to fully integrate the YubiKey hardware with existing applications. Yubico further offers the free YubiCloud Service for YubiKey OTP validation, and offers free API key and examples to any developer who would like to utilize it. Yubico supports external efforts to develop applications utilizing the YubiKey and fosters a healthy development community on the Yubico forums.


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