Protect your online identity

The expanding rate of online identity theft has highlighted the disastrous consequences of being impersonated online and the ease with which it can happen. The Yubikey makes it simple to protect your online identity using strong and secure two factor authentication.

Use the YubiKey to add two-factor authentication for secure access to email services such as Gmail and Fastmail.

FastMail by
How to use YubiKey + Gmail



The Symantec VIP credential is known and used across the internet, including purchases made with Paypal and on eBay. The YubiKey VIP is programmed with the Symantec VIP credential and combines the ease of use of the YubiKey with the coverage of the Symantec VIP credential.


• YubiKey VIP
• PayPal account*

* Paypal’s authentication service is currently available only to users registered in Australia, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


How to enable YubiKey VIP + PayPal



Please note: A VIP YubiKey is identified by the VIP service by a Token ID. Your token ID is of the form “UBHE01234567″.  It must be the 4 characters  “UBHE” plus the numeric decimal serial number of the YubiKey padded with zeros to the left 8 Digits.  So if your serial number is “123456″, the Token ID is “UBHE00123456″.



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