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YuCase - the ultimate protection for your YubiKey

Thanks to YuCase, the YubiKey no longer needs to be laboriously removed from the key ring or even the whole key ring can be plugged into the port.

Our case protects your YubiKey from damage and extends its lifetime. Stylish and safe in everyday life without compromise. Our additional protective layer makes your YubiKey ready for all environments without anyone being able to see what's inside.

Scope of delivery: YuCase without YubiKey - Accessories

Optimal protection against damage

The YuCase is made of high-strength and unbreakable plastic and protects your YubiKey from damage by keys and other objects in your pocket or backpack.

Stays under the radar / stealth mode

Safe and protected from prying eyes. With a YuCase your YubiKey looks like any USB stick. No one would suspect that such a valuable key is hidden inside.

Stylish and secure

With your YuCase you make your YubiKey something special. The stylish and modern designed YuCase gives your YubiKey that special something.

Labelling option

No more searching for the right YubiKey. The YuCase can be easily labeled and you can keep track of your security keys at any time.

More durable due to additional protective layer

Your YuCase protects your YubiKey especially from wear and tear and damage of the contacts. This way the lifetime of your key can be increased considerably.

Material: plastic

Design & Durability plastic in different colors
Device Type suitable for YubiKey 5 NFC, YubiKey 5C NFC, YubiKey FIPS, Security Key und SecurityKey NFC
Manufacturing konzeptplus gmbh

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