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Even though the corona pandemic is currently affecting international trade, we can still guarantee the supply of our products.

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Simple and secure connection for all IT systems

How do you protect your digital identity? And do you have your passwords under control? Security must be practicable. That's why there is YubiKey, the security token that many companies around the globe are already using with enthusiasm.

YubiKey protects your computers, servers, data and online access reliably and efficiently. It ensures that only authorized users have access to data and applications. How does that work? Through simple and fast two-step authentication: plug in YubiKey via USB and activate it by finger contact. That's all.

YubiKey replaces SMS and other authentication methods and is more reliable and practical than password apps, smart cards or other security tokens. It is already available from CHF 40 in our Swiss online shop and offers high security and user-friendliness at a low price.