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Secure your passwords

From email to banking, shopping to social media, the modern user has multiple usernames and passwords to remember. Add in credit card numbers, contact details, & more and it becomes too much of a hassle to manage. By using a Password Manager application paired with a YubiKey to authenticate yourself, you can easily protect your data.

Sounds simple yet secure? It is.

LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise includes all the features already in LastPass Premium and adds capabilities useful to companies desiring additional features and controls for their users. When used together with YubiKeys, LastPass Enterprise allows you to simply and securely protect your enterprise.

How to enable LastPass Enterprise (LastPass)

Lieberman Software

Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and Random Password Manager (RPM) allows organizations to implement flexible and cost-effective multifactor authentication with the YubiKey. This helps you to ensure that the privileged credentials found on every computer, network appliance, and line-of-business application in your organization can’t be compromised by key logging, social engineering, and other attacks.

How to enable Lieberman Software

Password Managers supporting YubiKey login

A password manager application makes it easy to have longer and more secure passwords unique for every site or service, as it takes the burden of tracking and entering the passwords for each site. However, it is strongly recommended to have an extra layer of security for logging in to the password manager service itself to ensure that no one else may access to your list of unique passwords. With a YubiKey, you can log in easily and securely to your Password Manager vault using your set user name, password and the YubiKey, generating a secure one-time password at a simple touch of a button.

LastPass is a browser based password manager that specializes in making web browsing easier and more secure across multiple platforms.



Password Safe
Password Safe is an open source PC based password management software primarily for Windows users, without the requirement of an internet connection

Password Safe

Passpack is a web based password manager that offers additional password management features such as password sharing.

Password Tote


Password Tote
Password Tote is a web based password manager with additional desktop and mobile software and browser plug-ins for paying customers.

Password Tote

KeePass is an open source PC based password manager primarily for Windows users. It offers many features and is targeted at advanced users.



KeyGenius is an open source browser based password manager.






Wieso YubiKey

Für welche Anwendungen eignet sich YubiKey?

  • Computer Login (Microsoft, Apple Mac OS X und Linux)
  • Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge
  • Google Apps, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce sowie andere Internetdienste
  • CMS (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • Passwort Manager (LastPass, Password Safe, KeePa, etc.)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)und SAML
  • Remote Access & VPN
  • Integration in Software oder IT-Systeme
  • Serversicherheit
  • Festplattenverschlüsselung
  • IDO U2F (Universal 2nd factor)

Welche Vorteile hat YubiKey?

  • ein einziges Tool für viele Funktionen
  • schützt zuverlässig vor fremden Zugriffen, pishing, hacking
  • sicherer als Passwörter und andere Authentisierungsverfahren
  • extrem einfach zu nutzen
  • spart Zeit bei User und Supporter
  • immer verfügbar: braucht keine Batterie und keine online Verbindung
  • braucht keine Treiber oder spezielle Software
  • klein und leicht
  • wasserfest und bruchsicher